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Benefits from GuiXT

From cost reduction to performance improvements–
you should use the benifits that GuiXT offers:


1. Individualization instead of SAP standard
Leaving the SAP unchanged, GuiXT allows you to make the application more user-friendly by aligning your specific company behaviours with SAP standard procedures.

2. User-friendly Interfaces
The reduction to the absolutely required screen elements is an enabler to fastest possible and high quality interaction with the SAP system. Navigation becomes significantly easyer, resources are much more effective and they now have more time for value adding activities.

3. Less user trainings, less cost, more time
Matching the system deliverd options to your individual requirements really simplifies your work with the system significantly. This saves time, money and reduces the risk of errors.

4. Performance
One-screen transactions allow you to use the system in a smart way. You can make required selections on the first screen, press a pushbutton and the remaining steps will be background executed following your specifications. Of course, the progress will be documented. With this you receive the best possible support for your daily business.

5. Improve data quality
Simplification, background processing and less manual data entry leads to higher data quality.

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