Theewen Consulting

Benefits from GuiXT

From cost reduction to performance improvements– you should use the benifits that GuiXT offers: ________________________________________________________ 1. Individualization instead of SAP standard Leaving the SAP unchanged, GuiXT allows you to make the application more user-friendly by aligning your specific company behaviours with SAP standard procedures. 2. User-friendly Interfaces The reduction to the absolutely required screen elements …

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As a new customer you can benefit from e special service offer with the following scope. Scope of service and advantages: Together with Management and Employees we will define project objectives and identify opportiunities for efficiency increase. Based on that we will develop GuiXT solution concepts. Theewen Consulting will develop prototypes on your company testsystem. …

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With GuiXT scripts individualized Logon Screen modified title bar Presentation of your Company Logo, graphics or pictures Inclusion of personal greetings and/or user tips user friendly quick links from SAP Easy Access pushbuttons for standard transactions (create, change, view) pushbuttons for GuiXT optimized starting sreens or to user friendly one-screen transaction Access to internal or …

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