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From Cost Reductions to Performance Improvements –
GuiXT offers a number of benefits that you should utilize:


1. customization versus standard
Customization of the standard SAP sequences to match a user-friendly application flow.

2. User-friendly desktop
Reduction of SAP screens to only the relevant screen elements according to your business needs increases clarity and allows a fast, accurate and high quality system handling. System navigation becomes more focussed and very easy. Your useful resources become much more effective and are now free to contribute adding value.

3. Less training, less cost, more time.
The handling of the system becomes much more comfortable to the user since it is now supporting the requirements of your daily business. Easy working, saves time, money and nearly eliminates the chance for mistakes.

4. Performance
It is possible to consolidate all required data elements and all required funktions for a specific task in SAP on a single-screen-transaction. Make your entries and selections and the process will do the job in the background. The progress of the task is permanently documented. So you get the best support for your daily business.

5. Increasing data quality
Both together, simplification and background processing, guarantee an overall quality increase of data.

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